Bought the domain from on August 10, 2001. It was purchased with the money that was given to me, an American tax-payer, from the federal government as a result of Bush’s relief tax plan. My first taste of NOT getting screwed by the system. This hosting service does not support subdomains (BONUS!), so I can’t host, even if someone wanted to be hosted here. is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market.

Why I could have registered as, but I didn’t want that dash in there, and when I hear anything dot-com, I think “dot com failure”. You never hear of .nets failing. So that is positive. I also think it sounds a little masculine, which is not a bad thing. Better than “”. If that’s a real site, sorry. Now for the fluff:

Blue: this is the color of my birthstone, as well as being a calm, soothing color to look at. Blue has a lot of meaning, the color, the connotations (music, meditation, sky, ocean, et al), and one specific shirt that Leo looked otherworldly in… but I’m off the point.
Cad: this represents my very unhealthy obsession with love for Cadillacs. They are beautiful (aside from one very unfortunate model, the Cimarron), powerful, and, ever since their creation (in 1902… someone’s got a birthday next year!), technologically ahead of their time. I owned one for just over a year, a 1992 white Sedan Deville with an oxblood red leather interior. It was sweet. It was what a Mob boss’ daughter would drive. It may sound odd, but it feels right to me.

I use Word and/or Notepad to write my code — I’m a purist, what can I say. Even when I learn Dreamweaver, I doubt I will use it that much. I scrounge the deepest, darkest, most uncharted depths of the Internet 36 hours a day for my artwork and use Corel Draw 9 for manipulation (even thought we shouldn’t, we’re all thieves. Don’t even deny it). I use CoffeeCup Direct FTP 5.0, and I like the fact that it’s idiot-proof. All words are written by me unless specified otherwise. If you steal my graphics, words, whatever, that’s your business. I won’t hunt you down and kill you, that won’t accomplish anything. I just think you can do better than that. And as far as taking the pictures of me and my friends… why would you want to?

My first site was located on in 1999. It was there for about a year or so, then I discovered that HTML wasn’t that hard and I was ready to learn. I moved from to, a bannerless-and-free host, but they folded rather quickly. The site was my first “non-template” site. Then I moved it to, and have been there since October 2000. Now I’m here and I’m duchess of my own domain (finally).